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Twenty Years


Of Marriage & Wine


The vineyard has been the site of milestone celebrations lately.  Last summer my in-laws and neighbors, Don and Carol, celebrated their 50th Anniversary under a big white tent with family, friends, and neighbors.  


Today, Kathleen and I celebrate our 20th Anniversary.  With two busy kids and a bottling project around the corner, our celebration will be a little less hanging out under a white tent and a little more driving up and down Highway 99.  Don't feel too bad for us, though, as our celebration will find us in August.


Over Memorial Day weekend, the younger generations that gathered on the vineyard asked the older and wiser generation, "How do you make it to 50 years?  What's the secret."  At which point Don offered what can only be felt as truth: "So long as you see your marriage as a series of marriages, you'll be just fine.  So long as you can accept your marriage during year one is not your marriage during year ten or twenty or fifty, you're good.  Just enjoy the journey."


Like wine, right?  We are asked all the time about the "secret" of drinking a certain Pinot Noir at the "right" time.  Our answer is remarkably similar to Don's response about marriage: "If you are looking for something more fruit forward and you want to Carpe Diem, then drink the wine tonight.  But if you want to practice patience and experience the transformation of fruit into complex earthy layers, then wait a decade or two.  So long as you can accept that the wine during year one is not the same wine at year ten, you're good.  Just enjoy the journey."


To Kathleen, my partner in adventure, I say Happy 20th and bring on the next 20 years!  Let's enjoy the journey.





Brad McLeroy


Winemaker and Co-Owner, Ayres Vineyard & Winery