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Time Flies


Time Flies


There is a treasure within the winery that has nothing to do with wine.  It is, perhaps, the most photographed and discussed accessory in the cellar.  I love telling the story about this special piece of art.

My daughter used to join me in the cellar after she returned home from kindergarten.  I would provide her with Crayola markers and paper, and she would create for hours.  I fashioned her a chair out of a single case of wine and a drawing table out of two cases of wine stacked on top of one another.  After a particularly productive day, she pinned this  note to the wall with a thumbtack and there it hung for about seven years, until one of our good customers made me promise that I would frame it as to protect it.  For the last year it has been in a frame on top of our wine display case.  

Her note is the item that welcomes me every time I walk into the cellar.  It is a ray of light that catches my eye during those long harvest nights.  Her note becomes part of every tasting I conduct and I simply never tire of telling the story.  Her note is also a stark reminder of how time flies.  

She wrote me another note recently.  Only this time it was a farewell letter in advance of her two week Montana wilderness adventure. Just like that she was grown up enough to head off by herself!  Eight years in a blink of the eye...

I suppose I'll keep her framed note in the cellar with me until I am much older and grayer.  And I will continue to tell the story long after she has flown the farm.  Some things just become part of the fabric of this whole experience.



Brad McLeroy

Winemaker and Co-Owner, Ayres Vineyard & Winery

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